Redesign Splitwise

Great app, very useful possibilities but not yet that usable.

For a two week module within the PDEng program we looked for ways to improve it.

During a first heuristic evaluation we came across many smaller issues susch as cluttered and unreadable data, unclear icons and hard to comprehend navigation.

Key elements of the app such as entering receipt data, adding persons to the bill and splitting the bill appeared also highly tedious.

In a first iteration we tried to improve the design by balancing the design more and adding white space.

To make interpreting the current balance easier we made it more visual (the circle), the button for the main function (adding a bill) was given a more prominent location and entering numerical data by typing was replaced by a scrolling interaction.

In a second iteration we also tackle the tedious key functionalities such as adding the recipe data, adding persons and splitting the bill.

The final design provides users with the ability to take a picture of the bill, with the app recognizing and saving the relevant data.

Inspired on online poker-tables we used a similar interaction to add persons to the table. Separate dishes are shown as cards on the table that can be split by dragging them to one or more persons.

My main roles

Concept sketching



Time & People

2 weeks

4 days a week

Team of 2